Where To Build Your Wellness Professional Website: WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

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As a wellness professional, you’re probably focused on making your business sustainable. You know that in order to take things to the next level, you need a quality website that will support your goals. And if you’re like most wellness professionals I know, you likely don’t really know where to start when it comes to building a website.

Maybe you’ve already done some research and already know why WordPress is the best platform to build your website. Or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start. Either way, you’re in the right place!

Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

One of the first steps to building a website is to figure out what platform you want to use. As a web designer and developer for over 15 years, my recommended platform is WordPress and here’s why. I’m not the only one who thinks so. 31% percent of websites on the web use WordPress!

WordPress is the software that is installed on your website to give it structure, to control the look and layout of the content. It also provides a user-friendly interface for even the least techy-savvy people to be able to create and maintain a website. No, you don’t need to know ANY code. And yes, it’s super awesome!

WordPress is what’s called an Open Source software, meaning that the code is available to anyone. This enables web developers everywhere to create improvements for the platform to constantly make it better. This also means it’s FREE! (one of the reasons I love WordPress so much).

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So you’re thinking, heck yea let’s do this! WordPress FTW!

If you choose to build your wellness business website on WordPress, however, the decision-making does not quite stop there.

WordPress offers two ways to build your website, and they have two separate websites. This is understandably confusing to anyone, so I wrote this post to help clarify the different options and why one is WAY better than the other.


10 Must-Have Elements For Your Wellness Business Website

Perfect for yoga teachers, personal trainers, healers, health coaches & other wellness professionals!

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The Difference Between WordPress.com VS WordPress.org (self-hosted)

So what are the two things they offer, you ask?

If you google WordPress you’ll probably notice they have two separate websites: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com offers the WordPress platform as a managed service. In addition to access to WordPress, they also help you register your domain name and provide hosting, which is the space on the internet where your website will live. So even though WordPress is technically free, you would pay to use WordPress.com because of the added services it provides.

(There is a free option but I highly recommend against it because you cannot use your own domain name, the features and options are very limited and it would display WordPress ads.)

If you go to WordPress.org, you’ll notice you can download WordPress for free. However, in order to actually use it, you have to purchase hosting yourself and install it. This means that you would “self-host” your website since you’re handling the hosting yourself (rather than paying WordPress.com to do it for you)

You may be thinking that WordPress.com is the way to go because the “scary tech” stuff is done for you. However, I actually recommend self-hosting as opposed to their paid service.

Why You Should Self-Host Your Website

I believe that self-hosting website is the best choice for building your website because you have many more options.

If you self-host your WordPress website, you’ll be able to upload any theme or plugin you want. This is super important because it creates almost limitless possibilities when it comes to the look of your website and the functionality.

When you use the WordPress.com service, you are very limited when it comes to themes (which control the look of your site) and plugins(which add functionality features such as online scheduling or accepting payments, etc) unless you upgrade to their most expensive package.

By self-hosting your WordPress site (I recommend Flywheel), you will save money and have way more flexibility as well as better options, security and more.

If you’re concerned about the set up process, check out my post: How to build your own website: the very first steps to take.


10 Must-Have Elements For Your Wellness Business Website

Perfect for yoga teachers, personal trainers, healers, health coaches & other wellness professionals!

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