3 Myths About Websites That Are Holding Back Your Wellness Business

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One of the most common things I hear from people when they reach out to me for website help is that they needed their website a long time ago.

There are many excuses or myths you might use to delay creating a website for your business. None of them are good ones (in my opinion)!

If you are serious about the work you’re doing then NOW is the time to create a professional website to expand your potential and create even more abundance in your life and career.

Don’t let myths and excuses get in the way of what’s possible for your life and career as a passionate wellness professional. I’ve put together this list of common myths about websites I hear a lot and turned them around with some #truthbombs. So here we go…


1. A website is more work than it’s worth

While the initial process of creating a website does take time and effort, you end up saving a ton of time and energy in the long run. When you take the time to get your website up and running properly, you are building a strong foundation on which your business can grow. Your website can help you attract potential clients, make enough money to support yourself and save you precious time!

As a wellness professional (yoga teachers listen up!), creating a sustainable business is a huge consideration. You can have the most passion and good intentions in the world and still end up not being able to use use it if you can’t support yourself financially. Having a professional website will help you attract and build trust with your ideal clients by showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

When you work with your ideal clients, you can charge what you’re worth (without feeling icky) because they know how valuable you are as a professional. When you’re charging what you’re worth, you don’t have to say yes to every gig, which frees you up to focus on the work you truly love instead of spreading yourself too thin.

If you create your website with the appropriate tools such as scheduling and online payment software you instantly save yourself hours of time on administrative and communication tasks.

So even though it takes an initial time investment to get a website for your wellness business, it very quickly pays for itself.


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2. You can’t build your own website if you aren’t tech-savvy

Now is the perfect time for anyone to build a website. It’s never been easier for non-techie people to have create their own online home.

These days, it’s SO easy to create and maintain website with the help of WordPress! You can get a basic website up and running in less than a minute by filling out a simple form. Then use the beginner-friendly interface provided by WordPress to create a website that is completely customized for your business. The best part? You don’t have to know any code at all!

Being a computer nerd is no longer a prerequisite for having a website! You are totally capable of taking your business to the next level without having to become an expert in computer speak.

There are so many pre-made themes that create the design of your website for you. And endless tutorials out there to help you – because everyone loves WordPress! And I’m even working on something super awesome specifically for wellness professionals and yoga teacher.


3. Building a website is expensive

While it’s true that websites can cost a lot, it is not a requirement for ending up with a great looking website. As with anything you might invest in, there is a sliding scale of options and some research required for making a decision.

As I explained in the previous section, it’s completely possible to create a beautiful website for your business without knowing any code or having any design skills at all. But here is a quick breakdown of costs for DIY-ing your website versus hiring a pro:

  • If you create your own website you could spend as little as $15-20 to get a very basic site up and running on WordPress. When I say basic I mean BASIC. From there, you could choose to install a theme, which controls the look and feel of your website. There are free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes (typically $40-$100) which provide a lot more customization and all of the fancy stuff is already designed for you. With this route, you spend less money and more time.
  • If you hired a professional web designer (like me, for example!) you would probably spend around $5-7k for a base package. Any special functionality or super custom attributes could cost you exponentially more depending on the degree of difficulty or time it took to create. You’d also be signing on for a project that could take anywhere from 2-6 months! With this option you spend more money and less time actually working on your website (instead you’re waiting around for someone else to do it).

Either way, you’ll need to purchase a domain name, which is billed annually(about $5-15), and hosting which ranges in cost from $10-30 a month.

Ultimately, it depends on your unique situation, schedule and budget. But websites do not have to be expensive! If you have the right tools and support, you can create your own website on a very tight budget (and it will pay for itself very quickly).

I hope this has helped you gain some clarity about some common myths about websites. If you’re ready to get started with your website, be sure to download your free checklist here.

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