Weekly Faves: Take Better Blog Photos, Lunar Abundance + Inspiration Galore!

Take Better Blog Photos, Lunar Abundance + Inspiration Galore!


Great Photos with your iPhone

blog photos with iphone

Ever wonder how to take better photos for your blog and Instagram accounts? I know I struggled with that for years before I finally started upping my game my investing in a decent camera and lighting set! Turns out, all I really needed was my phone and some white boards! Chaitra over at Pink Pot design studio has put together an awesome post about how to take better pics with your iPphone. Check it out here>>>


Lunar Abundance

lunar abundance

A recent episode of my favorite podcast, Being Boss, featured Ezzie Spencer who teaches you how to track the moon phases in order to learn more about yourself, set intentions and find abundance. I loved everything she had to say about how this practice, though it can seem a little “woo” at first, is actually grounded in reality and is really about connecting with your needs and desires. Check out her site for a free moon tracking planner and listen to her convo with the Being Boss ladies over here.


Inspiration Galore!!

Scrapbook Photo from ABeautifulMess.com

Do you ever find yourself feeling sort of creatively drained? Maybe you’ve been going nonstop with work and at some point you just feel like there is nothing left! Fear not – because this post has collected 100 blogs with endless creative and fun ideas to get your juices flowing. Everything from crafts, art, tips for entrepreneurs, lifestyle and reading. One of my favorite things that Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, is that sometimes in order to keep doing our own creative work it can be helpful to try something totally different for a while. Whether that be painting, cooking, gardening, learning a new language – just try something new for a while. Give it a try! Get inspired>>>

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