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A few years ago I decided to quit my corporate 9-5 job to start my own business. I had completed my yoga teacher training and had felt so empowered by my experience and my new skills. I wanted the ability to choose which website projects and clients I worked with (and also have more time to teach yoga).

Many people questioned my sanity for leaving a great job that was a steady paycheck; at times I second-guessed myself. But leaving the daily grind to be my own boss was the best thing I ever did!

It didn’t come easy, though.

I spent about seven years working, learning and honing my craft in order to get to a place where I felt confident in my ability to support myself doing web design “out there” on my own.

And since then I’ve learned SO much more about creating websites:

  • which platform is the best
  • how to brand yourself
  • which hosting to use
  • must-have tools for scheduling, and automating things like client payments and contracts
  • why email marketing is A MUST and how important it is to start BEFORE you think you’re ready
  • how to increase traffic to your website with SEO, the right content and blogging
  • …and the list goes on and on!

I’ve had SO much fun growing my business. And the best part? I love that I can use this hard-won knowledge to be of service to my friends and colleagues.

People are always asking me website questions. I’m definitely the go-to website guru among all of my yogi friends.

Having been creating websites for over ten years, it surprised me how many similar website questions I would receive about web stuff. What I can do from experience and memory, many people might spend HOURS googling answers for!

What I’ve found the most commonly is that sometimes a really simple question, such as what content you need on a website, can stop you from even getting started creating one for your business; even though you desperately need one in order to grow.

That’s why I’m super excited to share some awesome website wisdom with you in my weekly Facebook Live streams! You can be apart of these website Q&A sessions…if you like my FB page you’ll be notified about when they’re happening each week.

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A behind the scenes look…

I’m also SUPER excited to announce that I’m crafting up something really cool behind the scenes over here at Code Love Creative…

A way for you to get all of my website creation knowledge, resource guides, best-practices and tutorials all in one step by step guide…so you don’t have to keep googling and scouring blogs for hit-or-miss info anymore.

A way for you to do this at your own pace, from wherever you are, anywhere in the world…

A way to get all of the answers to your website questions AND step by step help without making a large time and monetary investment to hire me one on one…so you can grow your business with an amazing website sooner and while saving precious funds.

I’m hard at work on this brand new resource for you…

In the meantime, download my free checklist I created for you:

10 must-have elements of a yoga teacher website

(It’s the perfect way to get started taking action NOW!)

I’ll be sharing details with you in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!!

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And btw…THANK YOU so much for supporting me and following my journey.

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I’m Taylor and I help intentional entrepreneurs like health coaches and yoga teachers transform their vision into an enlightened website to help them grow their businesses, build a tribe, attract ideal clients and create the lifestyle they dream of. Read more…