7 Things WordPress does better than any other platform

7 things WordPress does better than any other platform. Learn why WordPress is the best platform for your business website at codelovecreative.com





Having a great website is important for any business, especially career as a yoga teacher. But I hear so many people feeling frustrated when it comes to wrangling control over theirs.

…Are you spending endless hours tweaking your site only to fall into a pit of despair, worrying that your lack of tech skills will keep you from ever having a website you can be proud of

…Not even sure how to update your website because a friend of some guy you used to know is “in charge of that”

…Or maybe you’re getting stuck on how to even get started with a website at all?

If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place!

Most of the time, potential clients want to know if they will be able to edit the site on their own, without additional developer fees. They also want to be sure it will be easy to do it without knowing any code.

The answer is always a resounding YES because…I use WordPress for all of my projects.

I believe that people should be able to have control of their website, it should be easy to edit (even for beginners!) and…it should be fun! In my opinion, your website can and should act as if it were your best employee! Imagine how great that would feel.

There are a ton of reasons why I love WordPress and think it’s the best website platform and I’m not the only one. There’s a reason that over 75 million websites out there are running on WordPress right now!

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The top 7 things WordPress does better than any other platform:

1. Free and flexible

One of the biggest reasons that WordPress is amazing is the fact that it’s 100% free. It’s open-source, which means that the source code is freely available and enables developers and product creators to improve, modify and redistribute it.  This enables it to stay free since it’s essentially a group effort. So even if the term “open-source” doesn’t mean much to you, you’re still going to benefit from it!

WordPress is also not tied to a monthly hosting subscription like some other platforms so you can easily switch hosting companies if you ever decided to.


10 Must-Have Elements For Your Wellness Business Website

Perfect for yoga teachers, personal trainers, healers, health coaches & other wellness professionals!

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2. Easy to customize

A common myth people believe about WordPress is that it’s just for blogs. Not true! One of the reasons I LOVE WordPress so much is that the possibilities are almost endless. You can create almost any type of website with WordPress. It’s definitely not just for blogs anymore!

Here are two beautiful examples of yoga teacher websites that were built on WordPress:

Kino MacGregor

kino mcgregor yoga website screenshot

Elena Brower

elena brower yoga website screenshot

3. Easy for beginners

WordPress is a CMS, or content management system, which means there is a user-friendly admin area that is meant to be accessible to anyone, without have to know any code. All of the data crunching is done behind the scenes while you get to play around with nice-looking drag and drop fields and intuitive buttons.

Another great feature gained by using a CMS like WordPress is that it’s helpful with collaboration and multiple users. That means you can have as many user accounts as you need for any employees or colleagues who may need access to write, edit and update website content.


4. TONS of options

Because WordPress is an open-source project(as explained above), there are tons of people inventing and creating awesome tools that you can add to your site. These provide almost limitless options for your website such as:

  • themes – these are what control the look and feel of your site. With almost endless options at your fingertips, you can have the site of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of working with a designer.
  • plugins – added functionality for everything from adding “click to tweet” buttons, creating an online store, improving SEO and a million other awesome things!
  • integrations with other services – easily connect to your social media, email marketing service, scheduling software and payment gateways!

If you want your website to act as your best employee, utilizing the amazing and powerful functionality provided by WordPress is a clear choice.

WordPress premium themes screenshot


10 Must-Have Elements For Your Wellness Business Website

Perfect for yoga teachers, personal trainers, healers, health coaches & other wellness professionals!

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5. Availability of support

In addition to making available an incredible and ever-growing amount of options for functionality, the huge community of WordPress developers also provides better and faster troubleshooting. The WordPress.org website itself is a goldmine of amazing information for everything you want to know about the CMS platform. And their support forums will help you get any questions you have answered quickly.

There are also a lot of 3rd-party websites where WordPress users and developers hang out and help each other troubleshoot and solve issues. I like to think of it as sort of a WordPress “hive mind” where you can access quality information from a bunch of different people and sources rather than depending on a very small support team for a paid website platform.

wordpress support


6. Get more website traffic

Most people want to know how they can get more traffic to their websites and SEO, or search engine optimization, plays a huge role in that. WordPress organizes your data in a way that makes it easy for search engines like Google know what your website is about. This enables it to display your website link to viewers who are searching for things that are related to the content you’re creating.

In other words, it helps get the more of the right people (your ideal clients) to your website. I use and recommend the Yoast SEO Plugin because it gives you an easy-to-use interface with options to help improve the SEO on your site and for every page or piece of content you create.

The SEO of your website is also improved when it’s mobile-responsive. This means that your website is functional and accessible on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Search engines give more credit to websites that are responsive because so many users are on different devices and they want to make sure that you website will be useful to potential viewers.


7. Security

This may seem like a boring reason to like WordPress but let me explain why you should be jumping for joy at the concept. Think about how much time and energy you put into creating and building a website and consistently adding content day after day. Now imagine if suddenly all of that just disappeared. NOT a pretty picture!

If you want to protect the space you’ve carved out for yourself and nurtured on the web then you’ll want to pick WordPress because of it’s built-in protection against hackers and bots that could compromised what you’ve worked SO hard to manifest.

WordPress is built to be secure right out of the box. I also recommend choosing a secure hosting company and setting it up to create automatic backups daily. This helps you in a variety of ways.

  • First, it keeps malicious attacks on your website to a minimum by preventing them all together.
  • Second, if something happens to slip past the security measures, you’ll have a team of qualified pros who will fix it FOR you.
  • Third, you’ll have a backup of your website as it existed the day before your site was breeched and can restore it with minimal loss of data.


As you can see, with it’s FREE, easy-to-use and limitlessly customizable options, WordPress is by far the best website platform. I hope that you’re as excited about creating your beautiful website on WordPress as I am!


10 Must-Have Elements For Your Wellness Business Website

Perfect for yoga teachers, personal trainers, healers, health coaches & other wellness professionals!

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