How to Save Drafts on Instagram

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A lot of buzz has been going around the recent changes and launches of new features in the social media world. Twitter announce that quoted tweets and media attachments no longer count toward the famous 140 character limit. Pinterest launched a “promote” button (similar to the boost button on Facebook).

But the most exciting news? Instagram FINALLY created a “save draft” feature! This has been one of the most commonly request features and I’m honestly surprised it took them this long to add it.

How does it help you?

Don’t lose unsaved changes. Being able to save drafts will help when you do a lot of multi-tasking on your phone. No more spending forever on getting the image filters right and then getting pulled away by another task only to return to Instagram to find that your artwork is GONE! You’ll never lose unsaved work in Instagram if you follow this tutorial for how to save drafts.

Batch edit your photos. If you’re a business owner like me, with LOTS going on in the internet world, then you know it’s important to get strategic about your social media. Creating an amazing Instagram feed takes planning and consideration. The save draft feature helps in that area because it makes it easier to batch edit multiple images at a time. This is so helpful for getting a lot of Instagram photos ready ahead of time. Then when it’s time to post a new image, most of the work is already done!

Try out multiple filters and compare side by side. It can be a lot of fun to play around with Instagram filters. But sometimes it can be really difficult to know for sure which one works best for each photo. Now that you can save drafts, it makes the decision-making process so much easier! Create as many drafts as you like with different settings and then view the thumbnails side-by-side under the new “drafts” section in the photo library. I’ll explain how to do this in the tutorial below so keep reading!

How to save drafts on Instagram

STEP ONE: If you want to save an image for later use, or if you need to leave the edit screen for some reason before you’re ready to post, click the back button to bring up the save menu.

Instagram tutorials | save drafts | social media marketing | instragram strategy |

STEP TWO: Click “save draft.”

Instagram tutorials | save drafts | social media marketing | instragram strategy |

STEP THREE: When you’re ready to post a saved draft, proceed as your normally would by clicking the camera icon. You should now see a “drafts” section in the “library” tab. Click the thumbnail of the photo that you want to post.

Instagram tutorials | save drafts | social media marketing | instragram strategy |

STEP FOUR: It will open up straight to the caption edit screen. If you’re already done editing the photo, then proceed as normal. If you still want to make changes to the photo before you post it, click the “edit” link beneath the photo thumbnail on the right side.

Instagram tutorials | save drafts | social media marketing | instragram strategy |

STEP FIVE: When you’re done editing, click “done” and post as you normally would. That was easy, right?

How to manage saved drafts

If you batch edit a lot of photos or end up having saved drafts that you don’t want, it may come in handy to clean up your drafts from time to time. To do that, click the camera icon from the main Instgram feed and find the “drafts” section under the “library” tab. Click “manage” in the upper-right of the drafts section. This will pull up a screen of thumbnails for all of your saved drafts. You can then click “edit” and select each one that you want to delete. Then click the “Discard posts” button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram tutorials | save drafts | social media marketing | instragram strategy |

There you have it! That was pretty simple, right? Now you can save as many drafts of photos as you like on Instagram and never worry about losing unsaved changes again. Compare multiple photo editing settings side by side and even batch edit your Instagram photos to save time and help you plan your feed ahead of time.

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