Infuse Your Business With Love: Picking The Right Name

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When I started my business, I found myself struggling to find a decent name. I felt it was important to choose something that truly represented the intention behind what I was doing. The pressure of this decision was weighing on me for weeks and weeks as I racked my brain for the perfect name.

As I worked to develop my branding and how I wanted to position myself, I began to realize a common theme in everything I was writing and creating.


Such a simple word, but with deep complex connotations.

My work was, and still is, supported by a foundation of love. To me, this means always asking whether an action is coming from a place of compassion and understanding. It means asking if certain actions are true to my heart and authentically me.

It means being mindful of how I interact with myself and everyone around me.

I didn’t stumble upon this idea out of nowhere. It developed from years of yoga practice, an exploration of looking inward and getting curious. It also developed from my process of going vegan and feeling my heart expanding from a new perspective of the world.

My search for a more loving, compassionate lifestyle has taken root and become intertwined with every area of my life.

This is why I started my business in the first place. I wanted to grow something that matters, that is from the heart, that feeds the soul. I wanted to create a life with more freedom for myself, yes. But I also wanted to focus my skills and knowledge in a way that can help others.

That’s why I was thrilled when I finally landed on the name Code Love Creative. I feel that it infuses this foundation of love that I’m going for with the idea that coding is actually a creative activity, a mindset I will be sharing with the attendees of my first coding workshop next month.

Code Love Creative is more than just my business. It’s an extension of how I live my life – on a constant journey of learning and staying curious mixed with a true desire to help others find their path and expand to their full potential in work and life.

Looking back, I realize that a name was not the most difficult or important decision I’ve had to make for my business. But it was through the search for a business name that really got me digging deep to explore my  core values of what I wanted to stand for and what I wanted to be known for.

I guess what I’m saying is…if you’re trying to find a name for your business, look inward for the answers.

Want to learn more about what I do? Let’s chat about how I can help you build something that you love!

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