Attract ideal clients and customers by sharing your story

Attract ideal clients and customers by sharing your story (hint: you don't need to be perfect!) |

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best attract ideal clients and customers. It’s actually a kind of meta exploration since I’m not only thinking about this in terms of my own business; I want to help my clients attract their ideal clients and customers, too! That’s why I love when I get hints and clues in everyday life. Let me give you an example…

What Hanson taught me about business

In class last night my yoga teacher shared a potentially embarrassing story about her 12-year-long passion for the band Hanson. I found myself giggling and relating to her, remembering a time when I myself was pretty passionate about them, too. So passionate that I vividly remember arguing with my sister about who got the honor of spending their allowance money on their album.

Admitting that makes me a little uneasy; since the time I was in high school and started listening to “cool music,” I’ve identified as someone who was pretty discerning when it came to my taste in bands. So remembering back to a time that pre-dates my more nuanced aural expertise gives me pause. (not to discredit Hanson as musicians but I associate them with my teeny-bopper phase more than my I’m in an indie band phase)

Anyway, that got me thinking.

First, I realized that this uneasiness was stemming from a place inside me that feels I need to curate everything that put out into the world. As someone who teaches branding and web design tips, it only makes sense that this is a habit of mine; to create a branded persona.

Second, I realized that while I had some initial resistance to telling my version of a Hanson story, that was exactly what made me an instant fan of the aforementioned yoga teacher. When she got up in front of class and told us that little tidbit she wasn’t just getting a giggle from the room; She was creating an opportunity for connection and trust.

By sharing what may have at first seemed like something completely unrelated to the yoga class she was about to lead us through, she was able to open up and let us have a sneak peek into who she is and what she’s about. And that is a perfect example of what we need to have in mind while creating the content for our websites and marketing channels as well in order to attract ideal clients!

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What sets you apart? You!

In order to attract ideal clients and customers, you have to give them a reason to want to learn more about you. There’s probably hundreds of other wellness professionals offering similar services or products as you but none of them are you.

That’s why it’s SO important for wellness professionals to be relatable.

There’s a lot of talk out there about establishing yourself as an expert, and I’ve definitely spoken on that topic before. While it’s important to be educated and experienced in your field, it’s equally (if not MORE) important to be relatable.

Especially in the wellness field.

If you only show people the curated, “perfect” version of you without any of the human stuff, then people could be intimidated.

Your clients and customers come to you in order to…

  • find comfort
  • feel less alone
  • find support from someone who has been where they are; someone who understands them

They come to you instead of anyone else because they identify with something about who you are.

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So be sure to include some of who you are on your website.

Let people in; share a little about your background, your experiences, your hopes, dreams, failures. It’s up to you what and how much you share; what you feel can be weaved into your brand and related to your offerings.

Bottom line…in order to attract ideal clients and customers, focus on letting people know that you are human and that you understand!

Do you share personal stories or tidbits on your website and social media? Leave a comment and let us know what sorts of things you share that help engage your audience!

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