4 Business Tools and Resources I’ve Been Loving

It’s been almost nine months since I decided to quit my job become my own boss. Running my own business has been amazing…and scary..and overwhelming…and fun…and amazing! There are so many things that come along with being an entrepreneur. Learning to set realistic expectations, stick to schedules, communicate effectively, stay motivated and get a grip on the financial side of things are just a few of the skills that we learn when we take the leap into the world of business.

As I grow and learn, I am constantly coming across new (and old, but new for me) tools and resources that help me so incredibly that I thought it would only be fair to share them. I’m gathering these links and hope to post regularly about them in hopes that others can benefit the way that I did. I’m also working on my “Favorites” page here.

30 day list building challenge

30-Day List Building Challenge

Before I launched this new website in September, I did not have an email list. As someone who has been in the marketing and web industry for over 10 years this is somewhat embarassing to admit! However, I knew that it was time to take my online entrepreneurship game to the next level. That’s why I was so thrilled to find a completely FREE email course called the 30-Day List Building Challenge. There is a LOT of info in here. It’s intimidating to start from scratch with a new website and an empty email list but this challenge really helped me get started. I love how it’s paced out so you get one new task or activity each day. This made what would otherwise seem a scary and almost impossible task, become super easy to tackle. Note: I’m only about halfway through, but I will update this post with my stats once I’ve completed the challenge.


Being Boss podcast

Being Boss Podcast

As I mentioned before, this website is very new. I owe a lot to the Being Boss Podcast for inspiring me to change the way I perceived how I work. I went from being a “freelancer” to being an “entrepreneur” with my own business. Shifting the way I looked at my work has helped me feel more professional and qualified to go after the kind of clients I want to work with. Not only do they have great advice and inspiration for business and entrepreneurship, they are also totally on the same vibe as me in the sense that they are into meditating, yoga and wellness. Definitely worth checking out if you want to get inspired and take your brand to the next level!


Sky fonts


Designers, this one’s for you! I’ve been using Google Fonts for a long time now. Any fonts I was planning on using, I would download from their service and install on my machine to use in Photoshop and other applications. It’s nice that they make this possible but it was kind of an annoying process, especially when I’m testing a bunch of different fonts. This week I discovered SkyFonts which will automatically download and install any fonts you may want to use, as you are browsing! It’s also compatible with Fonts.com and MyFonts and others. Simply download and install SkyFonts and then it does the rest. This has saved me a lot of time on recent design projects and I hope it helps you, too!



“Don’t Fave This Post: How to REALLY Launch this year” by Amy Hoy

I just discovered Amy’s blog via twitter this week and I’m so glad I did. Her straight-forward attitude is really refreshing and her messaging is very valuable. This post in particular got me intrigued and then I went on to read a LOT more. If you’re working on building an idea or a product, read this post and get some great advice.

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