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Website Launch: Silver Lining Psychology


I’m super impressed by the work of my most recent client, Patricia Thompson, and am excited to announce the launch of her brand new website!

The Client:

In addition to having earned a PhD, she also runs her own corporate psychology and management consultant firm, Silver Lining Psychology. Through her work, she helps educate businesses and leaders how to adopt a positive approach to leadership and culture.

Patricia also has self-study offerings for those of us who want to take our careers to the next level. Who wouldn’t benefit from a little refresher on emotional intelligence or a 21-day Relationship Bootcamp? Her book, The Consummate Leader, has been endorsed by NY Times best-selling authors. And she’s been featured in CNN.com, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, Inc., Time and many other sites.

The Project:

Patricia reached out to me for help with creating a visual style for her website that would be clean, attractive and functional. We worked together to re-organize and streamline her copy to be more concise and then organized it into a layout that uses strategy plus design to communicate her broad wealth of knowledge and attract potential clients to hire her.

We’ve made it super easy for potential clients to find the answers they’re looking for, explore her services and get a sample of her work through her blog. And most importantly, we’ve added very clear calls to action, encouraging visitors to contact her for further inquiry about her services.

Do you need help streamlining your website and creating a visual style that truly reflects your brand? I can help! Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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