How to increase traffic to your yoga teacher website

How to increase traffic to your yoga teacher website



One of the biggest questions I hear from my clients is about how to increase traffic to your yoga teacher website. That is, assuming they already know why they need a website in the first place.

Included a link in your teacher bio

If you have a bio on other websites, such as the studios where you teach or directories like Yoga Alliance, be sure to include a link to your yoga teacher website. This way, people who find you through these other resources can learn more about you and your offerings. This is super easy to set up and once you do it, it’s done! You may need to reach out to whoever is the admin for the websites you want to add your link to.


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10 must-have elements of a yoga teacher website


Invite your social media followers

If you’re like most yoga teachers I know, you probably have at least one social media profile. You may have even built up quite a following and tend to use it more often than your actual website. When you use social media sites, you want to make sure that you’re leveraging those followers by inviting them to your own website.

Make sure that your profile is clear about what you do and always include your yoga teacher website link. This is super important so that they can learn more about you and your offerings and sign up for your email newsletter.

As you can see in my profile, I explain briefly what I do, who I work for and a couple other small tidbit about me. Then I invite people to click my link to get a free checklist. Note that I’m using which enables you to give people an option of more than one link to click. This is great if you are promoting multiple different links such as blog posts that you want people to be able to easily click directly to.

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Keep your audience updated

Hopefully, you already have an email list so that you can encourage visitors to your website to subscribe. If not, please read about how and why you should have an email list. Getting in touch with your subscribers often is important so that you stay top of mind but it’s also a great way to increase views on your site.

If you have a blog, send out an email to let people know about it. If you have an upcoming event, workshop or retreat be sure to let people know right when you schedule it and then a few more times leading up to the event. This will keep people coming back to your website frequently and possibly even sharing with their friends who might be interested, too.

Not sure what to send people? Here are some more ideas for creating great email content.

Stay focused and relevant

When you create any content for your yoga teacher website, you’ll want to be strategic so that you’re attracting the right visitors. Talk about topics that are interesting to your ideal clients and keep them in mind when you’re writing copy that discusses your services. The more focused you are on creating specifically for your ideal clients, the more likely you will show up in their search results. This is called SEO, or search engine optimization. Be sure to check out my post with specific details about basic SEO tactics.

In addition to improving traffic using SEO, creating content that is relevant to your ideal clients such as blog posts will give you material to promote more actively via other channels such as social media. Each time you write a blog post, be sure to create an image to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can even include the link in your email signature. By having blog posts about topics that your ideal clients are interested in, you can start to attract new clients back to your website.


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10 must-have elements of a yoga teacher website


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