Canva Cheat Sheet: 5 Helpful Shortcuts To Create Your Own Marketing Graphics Quicker

Canva Cheat Sheet: 5 Helpful Shortcuts To Create Your Own Marketing Graphics Quicker |

If you have a blog or online presence for your business then you know how important it is to have beautiful branded graphics, not only for your website, but also for social media. Canva is a great tool for creating graphics for your business such as social media share images, blog header images, Instagram graphics and even content upgrades. There is a little bit of learning curve, however. So that’s why I created this handy Canva cheat sheet to help you get started creating branded social media images quicker!

As a web designer, I’ve always used Photoshop or InDesign for client work but have recently started playing around with Canva when I’m batch-creating Instagram graphics. It’s really easy to use, even if you have limited or no skills with professional design software.

I was happy to find out that Canva has keyboard shortcuts that help to make the design process even quicker. Even better? Many of the Canva keyboard shortcuts are similar to Adobe design software, so if you’re familiar with these tools that can be helpful.

Check out the full Canva cheat sheet below (and be sure to pin it for later) so that you can learn how to create images for your blog super easily.

Make all of your text uppercase

Select the text you want to make uppercase then press the following series of keys:


Add a border around your text

Select the text you want to make a border around, then press the following series of keys:


Select elements underneath other elements

If you have multiple items layered on top of one another, hold the control(windows) or command(mac) key while clicking on the layers until the right one is select.


Turn the grid on and off

A grid can be super helpful when trying to get elements aligned properly but in order to see the finished product clearly, it’s super helpful to make the grid go away with a simple keyboard shortcut:


Move layers up and down

Select the layers you want to move and use the following keyboard shortcut:



Like these shortcuts?

Pin the full Canva cheat sheet!

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet >>

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